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Posted on 11th September 2014 in to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough

An Earl Shilton Councillor is working closely with the Neighbourhood Watch team to lead a campaign to stop the menace of HGVs incorrectly using the town’s roads. Cllr Janice Richards and Helen Cobley of Neighbourhood Watch are battling the ongoing problems caused by Sat Navs erroneously sending vehicles in excess of 7.5 into Station Road and the small roads off it.

A recent meeting at the Earl Shilton Community House, which was attended by a representative from the company Caterpillar, a County Council officer, Cllr Janice Richards, Helen Cobley and the Neighbourhood Watch team, heard that Sat Navs are directing the vehicles into Station Road to the Royal Mail depot in Oaks Way and a small residential cull de sac called “The Square”. There has been damage to a parked car caused by a lorry attempting to get back out whilst another HGV was seen doing a dangerous U-turn at the traffic lights at the top of Station Road, causing alarm to watching residents.

The problems have arisen due to a box number at the post office, which has not been in use for a considerable time, but Google is apparently still sending these very large vehicles to that postcode. With the recognised safety concerns raised by local residents and the neighbourhood group, it was decided that some positive road signage to reinforce to all HGV operators that they should remain on the A47 bypass when heading to the Caterpillar plant. The signage is expected to create better awareness to all drivers and significantly reduce the risk of HGV traffic using the weight restricted Station Road in future. Four locations on the A47 have been identified as being acceptable sites to install the road signage, and the plans are to have these signs installed in the near future.

Cllr Janice Richards said, “It was a good meeting with the positive outcome of Caterpillar, Leicestershire County Council, the Neighbour Watch team, local councillors and David Tredinnick MP all working together to try and resolve these important issues for local residents.

“The County Council agreeing to put up temporary signs in a number of prominent positions with clear directions to the correct destination is another positive move. Local residents are also helping by taking the number plates of the HGVs and sending them to Caterpillar who will then inform the relevant companies of the correct address.”


Posted on 8th September 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick, Member of Parliament for Bosworth, has met with the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, to discuss the worrying situation of illegal migrants flocking to the French Port of Calais in the hope of then gaining entry into Britain.

110630b - 1 David TredinnickFollowing the meeting on Friday, David Tredinnick said, “It is in everyone’s best interests that our borders are well managed and illegal immigrants are prevented from coming to Britain. The Home Secretary told me about the Government’s investment in the most effective security technology in Calais such as heartbeat scanners and wave-sensor technology to detect people hiding in vehicles. She said action was also being taken with other European countries to crack down on the trafficking gangs that help illegal migrants get to Calais whilst new laws have been brought in to deal with any individual who does manage to enter the UK illegally.

“These measures to combat the situation in Calais are to be welcomed but I pressed the Home Secretary to go further. For instance, three months ago the British Government offered the Port of Calais an extra £3 million to improve security so I believe everything possible now needs to be done to ensure these funds are spent effectively and with the necessary urgency.

“It also needs to be made clear to the authorities in and around Calais that they have a duty to act to deal with this appalling situation whilst at an EU level the British Government must press the majority of member states who, unlike the UK, are part of the Schengen ‘open borders’ agreement to beef up their immigration security.

“Britain cannot be a soft touch when it comes to illegal immigration and that message must be sent loud and clear both to those who wish to gain entry to the UK and also to the governments of the countries they are travelling through whilst attempting to get here.”


Posted on 4th September 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

Bosworth’s MP David Tredinnick has welcomed proposals set out by Sir Clive Loader, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire, aimed at improving support to local victims of crime.

In July 2012, the Ministry of Justice set out proposals focused on increasing support services to help victims and witnesses cope with the immediate impact of crime and to recover from the harm experienced. As part of the changes, responsibility for commissioning victim-specific support services will now be held locally under Police and Crime Commissioners.

In terms of commissioning services for victims and witnesses, Sir Clive Loader’s initiative focuses on the three following areas:

• Commissioning an Integrated Victim Service which will track victims of recorded and self-reported crime throughout the criminal justice system. This victim-focused service will provide information, advice, practical support and access to ‘cope and recover’ services according to crime type and victim vulnerability/need.
• Providing funds to protect and provide the provision of a minimum standard of support, regardless of place of residence within Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland
• Commissioning a practical support/target hardening service for those assessed as vulnerable and/or at high risk of repeat victimisation.

David Tredinnick said, “I welcome the efforts for improved focus on the victims of crime and their specific needs as it is vital that they are given all possible support during their interaction with the criminal justice system. Locally introduced and monitored measures for adopting a more understanding approach to the likely problems and stress experienced by crime victims and witnesses is crucial to ensuring their needs are fully addressed and supported.”


Posted on 2nd September 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick has visited 10 Downing Street to deliver letters written by pupils of South Charnwood High School to the Prime Minister urging him to raise with world leaders the issue of providing education for all, along with other measures to improve the lives of people living in poverty.

David visited South Charnwood High School in Markfield earlier this month to discuss his role as a local MP and the school’s involvement with the ‘Send All My Friends to School’ campaign, which is based around reminding world leaders of their pledge to provide education for all as part of the Millennium Development Goals, which was meant to be achieved by 2015.

However, it is estimated that there will still be 57 million children out of education by 2015, with 1 in 3 having a disability so pupils at the school along with teacher Hayley Powdrill have been very actively involved in this year’s campaign, which is particularly focused on helping children with disabilities in developing countries have access to education.

David Tredinnick said, “It was a pleasure to visit South Charnwood High School and to hear about the work the pupils are doing to support this very worthwhile campaign. The pupils are very passionate about wanting to make a real difference to the lives of other children around the world who because of the poverty are prevented from going to school.

“The pupils had each written a letter to the Prime Minister and presented me with them along with a box containing campaign posters and slogans that they had designed. It is crucial that young people are allowed a voice on such important issues so I delivered their letters directly to 10 Downing Street.”


Posted on 22nd August 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick MP has written to the Home Secretary urging the strongest possible action to deal with the threat posed by individuals returning to these shores who have been involved with the Middle East terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS). Amongst the measures suggested by the Bosworth MP in his letter to the Rt Hon Theresa May MP is stripping terrorists of their passports and UK citizenship.

David Tredinnick said, “We live in a tolerant and culturally diverse country but the strongest possible action needs to be taken in order that the British people are protected from the peril of brutalised terrorists returning to these shores having been actively involved in the most depraved violence imaginable. I fully support the Home Secretary’s actions to ensure that those terrorists with dual nationality forfeit British citizenship and I have urged that any UK citizen involved in the barbaric terrorism perpetrated by IS loses their passport and all rights to live in this country.

“Nick Clegg and the human rights lobby may well argue against this proposal but the rights of the vast majority of the British people to live their lives as freely as possible from the threat of terrorism on our streets should be paramount. Strong and decisive action is required to send out an unambiguous message that Britain will not tolerate the actions of IS terrorists and that those individuals involved will never again be welcome in this country.

“The UK cannot afford to underestimate the clear and present danger to its internal security posed by IS terrorists and it may well be that primary legislation is needed urgently to deal with this major threat. I will of course support the Government in any way possible to bring in the required laws.”