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Welcome to the Bosworth Conservatives, which aims to keep you in touch with our work on behalf of the local community. We have made substantial improvements to the website taking feedback from many people.

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Posted on 19th March 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick MP has welcomed a new tax cut for hardworking people in Hinckley & Bosworth.

From April 2015 the personal allowance will rise to £10,500, cutting taxes for 25 million people and taking another 290,000 people out of paying income tax altogether.

Rises in the personal allowance since 2010 mean that by April next year a typical basic rate taxpayer will be paying £805 less in tax than they would have been, with 3.2 million people taken out of income tax altogether.

The Budget measures do not result in any additional higher rate taxpayers. The full benefit will be passed on to higher rate taxpayers – everyone earning up to £100,000 will gain equally and will pay less tax because of this tax cut.

The Bosworth MP said, “This tax cut is excellent news for hardworking people in Hinckley & Bosworth. It will mean lower taxes for around 39,000 people here in the Bosworth constituency, with an estimated 483 people taken out of income tax altogether.

“This move by the Chancellor in today’s Budget means people in Hinckley & Bosworth keeping more of the money they’ve worked hard to earn, giving them and their families more financial security for the future.”


Posted on 19th March 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, has welcomed dramatic new help for savers announced in the Budget.

The Budget will help those people who want to save for a home, save for their family or save for their retirement by:

• Merging the cash ISA and stocks & shares ISA into a single New ISA with an annual limit of £15,000 – this will make saving simpler and more flexible. 437,000 ISA holders in the East Midlands could benefit from the New ISA.

• Abolishing the 10p starting rate of tax for savings income – the 10p band will become a zero rate band and will be extended to the first £5,000 of savings income. This will benefit 1.5 million low income savers.

• Creating a new pensioner bond that will offer a return that is better than anything pensioners can get now – helping pensioners who have worked hard and saved.

• The biggest reform of pensions taxation in a century. This will mean:
o No one will have to buy an annuity if they don’t want to.
o There will be no punitive 55 per cent tax rate if you try and take more than your tax free lump sum.
o Everyone who retires on these schemes will now be offered free, impartial, face-to-face advice.

David Tredinnick said, “Savers have had a hard time in recent years and it’s time Britain helped them out. That’s why whether you want to save for a home, save for your family or save for your retirement this is a Budget for you.

“These radical changes will help boost economic security for people who work hard and save hard – and show that the Conservative Party is on your side.”


Posted on 17th March 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

As the campaign to retain and preserve the Regent Cinema building as both a community asset and a key entrance way to Hinckley Town Centre is reaching a critical point, MP David Tredinnick has been in touch with the Borough Council on behalf of local people.

The Bosworth MP has let the Borough Council know of local residents’ increasing concerns that Hinckley may well be left in a situation that is the worst of both worlds with the Regent Cinema demolished whilst the plans for the bus station site are either further delayed or do not proceed at all.

David Tredinnick said, “Given the strong support expressed by the Borough Council for the community campaign to save the Regent Cinema complex in its entirety, local people are now looking to the Authority to offer some practical help to go along with this backing.

“In particular, as the Borough Council has a unique role in the large scale proposed redevelopment of the bus station area, the Authority may able use its considerable influence to constructively seek a way of ensuring the Regent Cinema building is not needlessly lost.

“It is my view that every possibility to secure the future of this community asset must be explored before it is too late. It would certainly be a tragedy for the Regent to be demolished before the people of Hinckley have complete assurance that the bus station development will proceed as planned.”


Posted on 14th March 2014 in to David Tredinnick and Parliament

David Tredinnick MP and County Councillor Ivan Ould have both welcomed a big boost to education in Leicestershire following the Government’s announcement of a £17.2 million funding increase for the County.

The extra funds from 2015/16 mean that, on average, Leicestershire will have an extra £202 to spend per pupil with the current figure of £3,995 rising to £4,197.

Leicestershire has for many years been one of the lowest, often the lowest, funded education authorities in England so the f40 (the 40 lowest funded LEAs) group’s campaign to reform the archaic system has been key to helping highlight the situation.

David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, said, “Leicestershire has been bottom of the pile for Education funding for far too long so this is excellent news. I have actively supported the f40 group’s campaign for many years and not so long ago I arranged for two local pupils to meet Michael Gove to discuss the issue of the unfair funding of Leicestershire’s schools. He acknowledged the problem and promised to do something about it so it is very pleasing that the Education Secretary has begun to address this key issue for local pupils and schools.”

Market Bosworth’s County Councillor Ivan Ould, who has responsibility for Education at County Hall and is chair of the national f40 group, said, “This is excellent news for schools and pupils in Leicestershire who have been underfunded for many years. The present Government is the first administration in the past 20 years to even acknowledge that the existing formula is unfair and inequitable, so I am pleased that it has now acted to start to rectify the situation.”


Posted on 12th March 2014 in to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough

Dear Editor,

£25,000 Merely the tip of the iceberg!

It is with a sense of some disbelief that I read an article in last week’s Hinckley Times about the cost to local council tax payers of a recent Burbage planning appeal which quoted Lib Dem Council Leader Stuart Bray calling for the Planning Inspectorate to be scrapped.

This is just typical of his out of touch administration blaming everyone but themselves for mistake after mistake; the Hinckley Hub, the Bus Station redevelopment that is having to be underwritten by council tax payers, the new leisure centre that does not provide a competition standard swimming pool as originally claimed being just a few examples and now the Council’s shambolic performance over planning appeals!

The penny must be finally dropping with the electorate that Mr. Bray and his Lib Dem administration only listen to what they want to hear and their claims leave a lot to be desired.

The Hinckley Times should ask Mr. Bray to publish the Council’s total planning appeal and Judicial Review costs, including the Council’s own costs for 2013/14 and the projected costs for 2014/15. At the March Council meeting in answer to my question it was admitted these costs will exceed the Council’s total expected planning income (c. £180k+), approximately £40,000 equates to 1% on Council Tax.

So, what is the real reason why council tax payers are faced with such rapidly accelerating costs? Put simply, the Council – fully aware of planning rules and having committed to 9,000 new homes in December 2009 – has made mistake after mistake with its Local Plan.

Planning was Mr. Bray’s personal area of responsibility in 2009, he would have been aware of the delivery targets committed to by the Council and of the 5 year housing land requirement when he led the Council to sign up to its Core Strategy commitments in 2009 without a site allocations policy in place to identify where those 9,000 houses would go.

As most people know only too well, inevitably consequences will follow once you sign up to a commitment and then fail to meet your obligations and that is why the Council is losing appeals, not because of some failing by the Coalition Government or incompetence of the Planning Inspectorate.

At 2 recent appeals, the Council conceded that it did not have a 5 year housing land supply, admitting it was as low as 3.3 years leading the Planning Inspectorate to judge that the Council, based on its record over a 12 year period, had been “a consistently underperforming Council”.

I have every sympathy with communities throughout the Borough, particularly Burbage, which as a result of the mistakes made by the Lib Dem Council have been left at the mercy of the ambitions of developers and will remain so until the Council’s Site Allocations Policy is finally adopted towards the end of 2015. At the very least local people deserve to be told the FULL truth by Mr. Bray and his Lib Dem councillors.

Cllr. Peter Batty
HBBC Conservative Group Leader